Confessions Of A Diet Coke Addict

My heart would race every time my supermarket had one of those buy-two-get-three-free offers on cases of Diet Coke. I loved looking at all those silver boxes piled in my kitchen, knowing I wouldn’t run out of those beloved cans. For a couple of weeks anyway.

Working From Home? Follow These Rules.

But if we’re honest, most of us will admit we don’t like people as much as we pretend we do. There is a glorious sense of relief that comes with no longer being forced to interact daily with the office idiot.

Especially if the office idiot is your boss. 

St. Patrick's Day. A Short Story.

For years, I've been offering assorted explanations for why I spent three years in Dublin during the early 1980s: To cover a war without going to the Middle East. To avoid appearing in public in a bathing suit. To cure a case of unsightly hand warts. To date guys with Irish accents.

The list changes but almost always contains a kernel of truth.

When A Car Is More Than A Ride

People who don’t like to drive will never understand that delicious feeling of slipping behind the wheel of a peppy car that begs you to step on the accelerator and ignore the speedometer. A car that hugs the corners and purrs when you hit 80.

Stop Coddling Kids

Kids like me - short and skinny - were always picked last for any team. When we whined about it, our parents were unsympathetic, saying something like,  “You’re a shrimp. Deal with it.”