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I worried when planning this trip that it wouldn’t feel like Easter this far from home. I doubted we’d be able to find a church on Easter Sunday. After all, only 6 percent of the Vietnamese population is Catholic. Protestants make up just 1 percent.

Noah’s Ark In The Air

I just flew to Memphis and back in absolutely packed Delta aircraft. The seats in coach were so cramped that our arms became useless appendages pinned to our sides. The aisles were so narrow, most folks had to walk sideways. You could barely breathe in there.

There wasn’t room for a Yorkshire puppy on any of my full flights, let alone a little pony.

There’s Something About Mississippi

Whether it was the magnolias, the lovely Southern architecture or the 10-acre Grove in the center of campus, I don’t know. Maybe it was the dean of students offering to walk us to the art department when we were lost. Perhaps it was the stories we heard about Eli Manning’s years there. Or the sweet reverence toward Faulkner and other great Mississippi authors.