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Verdant. Vibrant. Vietnam.

Verdant. Vibrant. Vietnam.

Wednesday. The longest day.

I’m writing this in the Seattle Airport where we just realized we accidentally consumed a third breakfast.

I know the International Dateline exists to avoid confusion, but flying back in time has completely muddled my jet-lagged brain.

We grabbed a quick breakfast in Hanoi Wednesday morning before catching a noon flight to Seoul. Then we had another breakfast on our long Seoul-to-Seattle flight. When we landed in the U.S. the flight info said it was 6:30 a.m. local time, so we stopped at an empty airport coffee shop for breakfast after clearing customs. 

But when I reset my Fitbit I was startled to see it was actually 3 p.m.


I’ll have some thoughts Friday on our visit to Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum and to Hoa Lo Prison - the infamous Hanoi Hilton - after I figure out what day it is and eat something besides pastries. 

In the meantime, here are some scenes from Vietnam. Someone on Facebook this week called the country a “shithole.” 

It isn’t, I assure you. It’s a lush country with a war-torn history that’s full of industrious, friendly people. The cityscapes are splashed with vibrant colors and unexpected, manicured parks.

I’ll never forget a very old woman that I saw pedaling a bike through Hanoi one morning heading for the market, her basket brimming with fresh-picked herbs. Or the couples ballroom dancing at dawn one day beside a lake. Or the little boy doing his homework while riding on the back of his daddy’s motor scooter.

I’d like to go back. Ten days was not long enough.

The Hard Parts of Hanoi

The Hard Parts of Hanoi

Hitting The Hanoi Street-Food Stalls

Hitting The Hanoi Street-Food Stalls