All in Family

Driving My Liftie

You’d think that after major shoulder surgery you would ordered to remain blissfully sedentary for a while. Noting but Netflix, popcorn and Percocet. At least until the stitches come out.

You would be wrong.

Travels With My Granddaughter

My granddaughter, the precocious Sawyer Grace, always pretends she knows the lyrics to any song on the radio, so I angled the rear view to see if she was singing along. She was, but when she caught me looking, she stopped and flashed a big surprised smile.

Dispatch From The House Of Germs

It’s good to be home. Even if the half-decorated house which I left in a mad rush last weekis in a state of disgusting dishevelment due to a family-wide stomach virus which struck while I was gone and caused my daughter and her family to be too weak to make the 17-mile drive back to their home in Ocean View.

One-Armed Liftie, Part 2

As soon as his hospital discharge papers were signed, he was ready to get dressed. One by one we removed items from his bag only to find all his damp clothes shredded. His ski pants were intact but his boxers were nothing but fringe.

Main thing is they looked clean. Just like we always tell our kids.