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Heading Toward Happiness

Heading Toward Happiness

If this goes bad, I’m going to blame my daughter. She’s the one who spied the story in the newspaper a few months ago. The one about frill-free Frontier Airlines coming to Norfolk.

“Look at this!” she exclaimed. “Twenty nine dollar fares to Orlando. Let’s go!”

She insisted it would be fun to take a girls’ trip to Disney World. The Happiest Place on Earth. Just the three of us: My daughter, granddaughter and me.

More fun than when we foolishly took a 10 month-old to New Orleans and the temperature never got below 105? I asked. More fun than when a bouncer at a Bourbon Street strip club tried to lure us in - stroller and all - by calling loudly, “Babies like titties too!”

“Definitely more fun,” she said.

“But Sawyer Grace is only two and a half,” I protested. “She’s too young. She’ll never remember the trip.”

“You took me when I was 3,” she retorted. “And I don’t remember it. But you always promised you’d take me again when I got older and you never did.”

Well, she’s older. A lot older. And we’re going.


Yep, just as temps seem to be cooling off a tad in Tidewater, we’re packing our sunscreen and heading to the swamp. 

Did I mention we’re flying with a 2-year-old?

The 29-buck fare doesn’t include seat selections so I was secretly hoping they’d put little SG in a middle seat bookended by strangers. Hey, you buy a cheap ticket, you risk sitting next to a chatterbox who’s not fully potty trained.

Nope. We’re all sitting together.

Then again, with this quick trip to Florida I won’t be glued to cable news, screaming at the TV over the cynical antics of U.S. Senators.

This entire episode in Washington is grotesque. Senators grilling a federal judge about entries in his high school yearbook? A college professor claiming that something terrible happened to her 36 years ago, but she doesn’t know where or when yet she’s sure this man was the culprit?

Now the FBI is digging to see if there’s any evidence of this assault. I’m afraid the #MeToo crowd will be disappointed. After all, the FBI’s reportedly been snooping around Virginia Beach for years and still hasn’t found a single corrupt politician. How is that possible?

My sympathies to anyone riding the Supreme Court rollercoaster this week.

Me, I’ll be riding in one of those tiny boats, listening to that treacly earworm, “It’s a Small World After All”.

Oh, I’ll still be posting daily. See you tomorrow.

This Is Not A Travel Blog

This Is Not A Travel Blog

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