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Red Flags About Red Flag Laws

This is exactly what many of us fear about red flag laws. That they’ll strip law-abiding folks of their Second Amendment rights simply because they have bad tempers. Or yell at their kids. Or flip the bird at other drivers.

Tweetstorm Fuels "Fake News"

Can you stand one more screed about the battle of words between Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel and President Donald Trump?

Good. Because that’s what you’re getting today.

For those who slept all weekend, here’s what happened:

Ten Years Gone

The accident was in the headlines for weeks. At first, simply because two innocent teens waiting for a traffic light to turn green had been killed by a speeding drunk who never applied his brakes.

Later, the stories took a different turn when it was discovered that not only did 22-year-old Alfredo Ramos plowed into Kunhardt’s car at more than 65 mph, but that he was what was then called an “illegal immigrant” – a term most newspapers have abandoned in favor of unwieldy euphemisms.