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Feds Had One Job: Keep Jeffrey Epstein Breathing

Feds Had One Job: Keep Jeffrey Epstein Breathing

Federal law enforcement had exactly one job: To keep accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein alive through his trial.

They failed. 

Now the man who purportedly operated a sex trafficking ring that serviced some of the richest and most influential men on the planet is dead. And with him went the names of his degenerate pals.

How convenient. 

I imagine there was high-fiving at some tony addresses as soon as news of Epstein’s untimely demise leaked.

Epstein’s death came exactly one day after a trove of documents were released naming two once-powerful Democrats as men who allegedly had sexual contact with minors as well as a member of Britain’s royal family, a famous law professor and a number of other wealthy businessmen.

Naturally, they deny everything. Now the one person who knew exactly who passed around teenagers like prime meat on a medieval platter is sporting a toe tag in a refrigerator in the coroner’s office.

What happened this weekend in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City was at the very least dereliction of duty by federal law enforcement. At worst, well, I don’t really want to speculate on what Jeffrey Epstein’s death is at worst.

I doubt we’ll ever know for sure what went on in that tower. But none of it makes sense.

For instance, why was a high-value prisoner housed initially with a cop accused of involvement in four murders? How was it that an inmate who’d been found unconscious on the floor of his cell after trying to take his own life was off suicide watch 11 days later? Why was no one watching Epstein at all times?

What happened Saturday is simply inexplicable.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center is a high-rise high-security federal facility in Manhattan that was able to keep prisoners such as Bernie Madoff, Ramzi Yousef, John Gotti and El Chapo safe.

Yet they couldn’t keep this creepy billionaire breathing?

I doubt we’ll ever know the answer to the questions surrounding this mysterious death. And Epstein will be the subject of conspiracy theorists, fiction writers and probably Hollywood for years.

No sooner had the news of Epstein’s suicide broken on Saturday morning than speculation about hit squads and assassins began to flood social media. Some of it was insane. Some made you think.

Clinton haters are convinced this death was connected somehow to the power couple. Trump haters believe the president or the attorney general were involved. Others theorized that Epstein wasn’t dead, that the photos of him on a gurney were of a body double.

“What Happened To Jeffrey Epstein?” promises to be a parlor game for decades.

The sad thing? Scores - perhaps hundreds - of young girls were abused by predatory men at parties arranged by Epstein. These were wealthy, well-connected fiends who believed themselves to be untouchable.

Epstein’s abrupt death may prove them right.

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