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John Uhrin. Gone For Good.

John Uhrin. Gone For Good.

I’m late to the party - I assume there was one - over the departure of former Beach councilman John Uhrin, who suddenly pulled his name from a list of finalists to temporarily fill the seat he lost last November.

Catching up on the news I missed while away for two weeks, I see that Uhrin said he was too pooped to serve.

OK, not his exact words. But this is the essence of the excuse he gave to his former colleagues after he realized he was not going to get the appointment because another candidate had far more support.

Referring to the lawsuit he brought against David Nygaard, who beat him last November, Uhrin said:

Although I have no regrets in bringing this historic action, it has not been without personal sacrifice. This legal action, combined with a recount brought on by the closest race in our city’s history and the normal exertion that is a part of any election process, has left me drained and currently lacking in the patience, stamina and time commitment that I know is necessary to serve as a member of council, especially the challenges of the Beach District.”

Do. Not. Laugh. Carrying water for developers and shining their shoes must be exhausting. He did that for 12 years. It’s a wonder Uhrin can stand up straight.


Here’s what likely happened: Someone gave Uhrin the word that there weren’t enough cronies left on council to appoint him to the seat he coveted. So rather than lose it for the fourth time - first on Election Day, then after the recount, and again when a three-judge panel refuse to declare him the winner - Uhrin pulled out to save face.

Guy Tower, a retired lawyer, will serve until a special election to fill the seat in November.

Don’t be fooled by Uhrin waving the white flag. The political machine is not going to give up this seat without a fight. Local corruptocrats have no doubt been huddling non-stop to make sure the Beach District seat doesn’t go to some good government type who will halt their profiteering.

Pay close attention to this race. The cronies’ choice will be swimming in developer money.

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