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What Goes Best With SpaghettiOs? A Chianti Classico, Of Course!

What Goes Best With SpaghettiOs? A Chianti Classico, Of Course!

By Kristen Lindbeck

If Hurricane Florence hits the coast as expected, lots of folks are going to be left in the dark. It could be days or weeks before refrigerators are working and air conditioners are cranking again.

Before anyone grabs a plastic spoon and despondently begins eating baked beans right out of the can, allow me to brighten up this dismal situation.

Paired with the right wine, even Cheez Wiz can be delectable. Trust me!

So light a candle and head to your pantry. Between your non-perishables and your wine cellar - and by cellar I mean closet, fridge, crawl space or counter top - you are about to enjoy your chicest hurricane feast yet. 

Simple, sophisticated, room temp and (mostly) out of a can. 

If you’ve got a cooler to chill wine and a camping stove to heat up some retro meat products, then you’re sittin’ pretty. If not, don’t get your party panties in a wad. This is all about creativity, ingenuity and a taste for adventure. Pair that canned chili with a killer Barolo and you’ll forget all about the tree that crashed through your roof.  

Below is a list of common - and cringeworthy - pantry items along with suggested libations meant to bring out the best in both the food and drink. Once you try them, don’t be surprised if you find yourself hitting up the canned foods aisle a little too often in the near future. Just sayin’. 

•Hormel Chili with Napa Cabernet or Rioja

•Cheez Wiz and Crackers with a California Red Blend or a Super Tuscan

•Platter of dried fruit, nuts and olives with an Oloroso Sherry

•Spam with Columbia Valley Syrah or Cahors (French Malbec)

•Mac and Cheese with Brunello di Montalcino 

•Canned tuna, anchovies or sardines & fresh lemon on crackers with an Albariño, Manzanilla Sherry or Northern Italian Schiava

•Canned Asparagus, salt and lemon with an Austrian Gruner Veltliner

•Dinty Moore Beef Stew with a Cotes du Rhône or Vino Nobile de Montepulciano 

•PB&J Sandwich with a California Zinfandel 

•Cured meats like pepperoni and salami with a Montepulciano or a Sparkling Rosé

•SpaghettiOs with a Chianti Classico or Sangiovese 

•Vienna Sausages with a Bordeaux or German Pinot Noir

•Dole Fruit Cocktail with a Moscato or Vinho Verde

•Trail Mix with Bourbon, neat 

So, bring it on, Florence! We need a good excuse to party. 

Kristen Lindbeck is a sommelier living in Denver, CO. She heard about Hurricane Florence and offered to help us drink our way through the storm in style.

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