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My Favorite Actor: Dwayne Johnson

My Favorite Actor: Dwayne Johnson

This is going to be super short. Fact is, I’ve had a busy Tuesday and can’t write into the night as I usually do.

Ballet class in the morning. A mountain of errands in the afternoon.

And a date with Dwayne Johnson at 6:45.

Yep, I’m going to see “Rampage,” even though I know it will be a horrible movie - by film snob standards - with insane special effects and a cheesy script. 

Dwayne Johnson. The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson. The Rock.

And yes, I know how the movie will end. The poor gorilla that Johnson once loved will die or almost die. And The Rock, who plays a primatologist, will mourn the loss of his hairy friend while his lovely tattooed biceps shimmer with sweat.

At some point he’ll flash that amazing smile and offer a wisecrack to lighten the mood. 

That's how all Dwayne Johnson movies end. Minus the monkey.

No, he’s not Sir Lawrence Olivier. He’s better looking and more endearing.

It’s our anniversary and I’ve been fruitlessly begging family members and friends for weeks to see “Rampage” with me. This being a school night, my husband offered to take me to the early show. And isn’t that what marriage is all about? Seeing movies you don’t want to see because your spouse does? 

Works both ways, of course. I once sat through "Lord of the Rings." That's three hours and 48 minutes I'll never get back.

I checked movie reviews for “Rampage” and they were, predictably, negative. Rather than just hating the movie, most critics seem bemused by it: “Good dunderheaded fun,” said one. “Aggressively dumb,” said another. “A loud and thundering film featuring Dwayne Johnson in top form,” wrote still another.

Wow. That last one was pretty positive. Oh wait, it’s from The Times of India.

I don’t care. Sometimes you just want to be entertained.

Besides The Rock - and you don’t need any big names other than his - the movie also features Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan in “The Walking Dead,” and Joe Manganiello, the werewolf from “True Blood.”

These three. Together. How bad can the movie be?

Back in March I pointed out that millions of people had stopped watching the Academy Awards and I was one of them. 

Here’s a promise: If Dwayne Johnson is nominated for Best Actor for his performance in “Rampage,” I’ll tune in next year.


Update: The ape lives. The film has a strong anti-poaching message. And Dwayne Johnson.

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