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VB Pols Panic: Puppets In Peril

VB Pols Panic: Puppets In Peril

Local elections in Virginia Beach have taken an ugly turn in the past few days. Nasty, lying attack ads are running non-stop on TV and a ridiculous letter from a worried developer has surfaced accusing the anti-cronyism candidates of cronyism.

Anyone surprised?

Clearly, some of the local plutocrats are terrified that their Gatsbyesque lifestyle will evaporate if the Good Government guys win. They’re bankrolling a handful of candidates with an obscene amount of money in an attempt to drown out the noise of the hoi polloi. (That’s you and me, by the way.)

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and other special interest groups have taken aim at Councilman John Moss with deceptive, mean-spirited television ads. They detest - and fear - the popular, mild-mannered budget wonk who’s tried to keep the big boys honest during his years on City Council.

Frankly, it’s despicable. If you belong to the Chamber, this is a good time to resign.

Then vote for Moss. That’ll teach ‘em.

With one day till we vote, you might want to reread and circulate to your friends, two stories investigative reporter John Holland wrote recently. Information you can’t get anywhere else.

Read about how Beach power brokers turned the Virginia Beach Development Authority into their personal ATM.

Learn how some at City Hall seemed to have their thumbs on the scale for developer Bruce Thompson during the walk-up to the Cavalier deal. Oh, and how history seemed to be repeating itself with the Pier project until the city auditor questioned the process.

Of course, if you’re part of the any-means-to-an-end crowd, none of this matters. It’s how deals have always been done here in Cronytown.

Still it bothers the hell out of those of us who want honest people running the city. We’re not opposed to development and investment. We just want everyone to get a fair shake at it. We don’t want profiteers appointed to city boards. We do want the city to get its priorities straight and fix quality of life problems like flooding. We’d also like a city manager who works full-time for the folks and not as a lackey for developers.

Is that too much to ask?

I originally planned to endorse candidates and let you simply infer that their opponents were unworthy. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned watching the ruthless politics at the Beach it’s that you have to fight back. Name names.

Below is a list of the City Council candidates I’m recommending. And a list of the candidates I’m definitely NOT supporting. In fact, I wouldn’t vote for them under any circumstances.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for candidates who are running for the right reasons. Let’s give the good guys a chance. For a change.

If you like my picks click on the button at the bottom of the page you’ll get a handy printable voter guide.





Centerville: ERIC WRAY


Princess Anne: TIM WORST


Make the crony capitalists sad by NOT voting for these candidates:

John Uhrin

Dee Oliver

Ben Davenport

Karen Kwasney

Sabrina Wooten

“Saturday Night Live” Used To Be A Comedy Show

“Saturday Night Live” Used To Be A Comedy Show

Virginia Beach City Council Endorsements: Princess Anne, Centerville and Lynnhaven Districts

Virginia Beach City Council Endorsements: Princess Anne, Centerville and Lynnhaven Districts