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Delta Airlines Defies DOT: No Pit Bulls Allowed

Delta Airlines Defies DOT: No Pit Bulls Allowed

Airlines often seem to be the enemy of common sense and comfort. They shrink passenger space, abolish in-flight meals, lard on charges for checked and carry-on bags, invite horses on board and would rather take off with empty seats than offer deep discounts for last-minute travelers. 

But wait. Here’s one example of a commercial air carrier actually standing up to the federal government to protect passengers and flight crews.

Delta Airlines is refusing to knuckle under to a dangerous Department of Transportation rule that forbids carriers from banning specific breeds of dogs.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Delta will defy the feds and continue to ban pit bulls - the most dangerous dogs on the planet - from traveling as service dogs on all of its flights. The airline booted the breed last year after two employees were mauled by a passenger’s “emotional support” pit bull.

Delta, in its statement, backed up its policy with statistics, saying pit bulls account for less than 5% of the overall dog population but 37.5% of vicious dog attacks.

Actually, it’s worse than Delta’s stats indicate. While all dogs bite and vicious dog attacks are fairly common - and yes, pit bulls are responsible for a disproportionate number of those maulings - there is only one breed that routinely kills humans.

Pit bulls.

According to dogsbite.org, the only organization that faithfully tracks dog attacks by breed, pit bulls accounted for 72 percent of all dog fatalities in the U.S. in 2018. 

That year there were 39 deaths in the US due to dog attacks and 26 were attributed to pit bulls. In 2017, pit bulls were responsible for 74 percent of deaths by dog, including a particularly grisly case in Virginia where two “sweet” pit bulls ate their owner.

Think about it: Pit bulls are banned in military housing yet the feds want airlines to allow this breed in aircraft cabins. If the Marines don’t want these unpredictable, muscular mongrels around, neither should the rest of us.

Yes, I know. YOUR pit bull is a gentle baby that wouldn’t hurt a kitten. 

Keep it away from me and mine. And Delta Airlines.

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