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Kamala Harris' Hearing Problem

Kamala Harris' Hearing Problem

One of two things is true about Sen. Kamala Harris: Either she only pretends to listen to voters at her so-called “town hall meetings” or she actually thinks the president of the United States is “mentally retarded.”

Either is unacceptable. And all the backtracking and doublespeak in the world can’t change that.

Over the weekend, Harris held a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. During that little give-and-take with the audience, a man stood up and used that odious two-word term to describe Donald Trump.

Here. Have a listen:

Yes, yes, I know. Trump is Hitler, etc. Put aside your loathing of the president long enough to follow me here.

This isn’t about Trump. It’s about a woman who wants to replace him.

A member of the audience used that offensive term, the fools who were in attendance applauded heartily and Harris cackled and offered this, “Well said! Well said!”


Sorry, folks. It wasn’t well said. It was a terrible remark to make, highly offensive to members of the disabled community and to those of us who long ago learned that there are some hateful words that are not acceptable. Retarded is one of them. Yes, even when used to describe Trump.

It’s been decades since the “R” word became verboten in polite society.

When gently asked about the incident by a friendly member of the media - perhaps it was one of the dopey female reporters who went shopping with her last winter -  Harris launched into a bunch of gibberish about all the good she’s done for disabled Americans.

Oh, and she said she didn’t hear the man.

Harris heard. If she didn’t, why the “well said”?

Despite her incessant giggling, we’re beginning to get a picture of Kamala Harris.

If her record as a unprincipled prosecutor doesn’t do her in, her insincerity will.

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Clever Ad. Cranky Catholics.

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