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High-Flying Climate Hypocrites

High-Flying Climate Hypocrites

Finally, some really good news about Britain’s royal family.

No, not that randy Prince Andy is going to cooperate with authorities who are curious about his romps on Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedo island.” He really had no choice.

The good news is that Prince Harry and his American wife, Meghan, announced that they would be having only two children.

In a typically fawning piece about the red-headed royal and his actress spouse, The New York Times reported that, “ he (Harry) made it clear that he and his wife plan to have no more than two children, a decision that he appeared to link to a greater consideration for the planet.

“Two maximum!” said the proud eco-warrior. “…We are the one species on this planet that seems to think that this place belongs to us, and only us.

“With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.“

With that, Harry and Meghan hopped on a private jet for the first of four flights on private aircraft. In 11 days.

One of those trips was to the “party island” of Ibiza to celebrate Meghan’s birthday. There the couple reportedly stayed in a gated community where rentals run as much as $145,000 a week.

Their next trip was to Nice, to relax at Elton John’s nearby $15 million estate.

The royals traveled there in a 12-seater Cessna, which, according to news reports, creates seven times the emissions per person as a commercial flight. (Harry’s brother, the heir to the throne, and his family fly commercial so don’t buy the they-need-extra-security argument.)

Most of us don’t give a figgy pudding on what the British royals spend their money or how they travel.

What’s annoying is the hypocrisy of the super rich of the world yapping incessantly about climate change, demanding that the little people change their behavior - you know, take the dirty bus to your dreary office job, don’t drive - while they traipse around the globe ensconced on yachts and private jets.

When the press called Harry and Meghan out for their frivolous travel, Sir Elton leapt to their defense.


You’ve GOT to be kidding. Apparently, it’s OK for the filthy rich to waste millions of gallons of fossil fuel, as long as they pay up in carbon offsets. But the serfs? They can ride their bicycles.

Does this remind anyone else of the corrupt Catholic Church practice of indulgences that led to the Reformation? Sinners were able to buy off their sins with payments to the church. The poor, well, they went to hell.

It’s not just Harry and Meg, of course. It’s Hollywood swells, too, like Leonardo DiCaprio, who chatters about climate change but has a weakness for private jets and enormous yachts.

Last month, Google hosted a climate summit in Sicily that drew Harry, DiCaprio, Katy Perry, former President Barack Obama, business magnate Barry Diller and scores of other woke A-listers.

News reports said the Palermo airport was jammed with 114 private jets and the waterfront was flooded with uber yachts.

Meanwhile, the hoi polloi do as they‘re told: They fly steerage, drink through soggy paper straws and count their toilet paper squares before wiping, all to save the planet.

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