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CNN Talking Head Chris Cuomo Loses It

CNN Talking Head Chris Cuomo Loses It

Gosh, looks like the left is getting a taste of what’s been going on with the right since 2016.

And they don’t like it. 

The list of conservatives who have been assaulted in public places - sometimes with their children present -  is long and includes Tucker Carlson, Sarah Sanders, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Andy Ngo, Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro. Off the top of my head. There are many more.

In Britain, the unhinged left is “milkshaking” conservatives. You know, tossing milkshakes on people they want to silence.

It’s wrong. All of it. And people like Rep. Maxine Waters, who early on urged the so-called “resistance” to attack and publicly embarrass Trump supporters wherever they go, bears a chunk of responsibility for the uncivil behavior.

Which bring us to CNN’s Chris Cuomo who was confronted by a punk somewhere on exclusive Shelter Island, NY last weekend. This troublemaker called Cuomo “Fredo,” a reference to the weak brother in “The Godfather.”

Cuomo flew into a foaming rage. Be warned: Terrible language ahead.

“Punk-ass bitches?” Really, Cuomo? Is that homophobic? Or simply a slur against women? I can’t decide. Either way, looks like toxic masculinity at work. Waiting for the feminists to weigh in.

And Fredo is “like the N word for us” Italians? Not even close.

In fact, how dare Cuomo compare a goofy character in a gangster movie to a slur that’s been used against black people to demean and degrade them since the days of slavery?

A moronic equivalency. Positively Fredo-esque.

A number of people leapt to Cuomo’s defense. Insulting someone in front of his wife and kid is beyond the pale, they said. Good for him, fighting back, said others. That’ll teach ‘em, some declared. 

I disagree.

The creep who confronted Cuomo was rude, impudent and aggressive. Cuomo and his family ought to be able to venture out in public without putting up with this crap. 

So should all of the conservatives I listed in the third paragraph.

But Cuomo’s reaction was straight out of “Jersey Shore.” Fake tough-guy bravado directed at a puny loud mouth. Cuomo went on and on for an alarming amount of time, dropping F bombs and threatening to hurt the guy. 

Check Cuomo’s bio. He was educated in exclusive private schools, graduated from Yale and Fordham University and is an attorney. Yet, he sounded like an uneducated hoodlum in the video. What’s up with that?

Notice I am not calling for Cuomo to be fired. CNN is free to put any loser they like in the anchor chair. I am also not calling for a boycott of the cable network. If you still tune in, God bless you. I hope you get at least some of your news from other sources.

Cuomo could take a lesson from Sarah Sanders, yes, Trump’s former press secretary. When she was refused service in a Lexington, VA restaurant in June of 2018 - a humiliating situation - she politely left. I don’t know if her kids were with her, but if they were, she set an example of grace under pressure.

In contrast, the smug liberal trying to embarrass Sanders looked petty and ignorant.

That’s how you handle bullies.

And don’t bother with the but, but, but, Trump’s Hitler and she was Hitler’s spokeswoman nonsense. Sarah Sanders was an American citizen, out for a pleasant dinner with friends and she was harassed and booted from a public eating place because she worked for the president.


Cuomo is a barely competent news anchor. In a radio interview in 2010 he referred to himself as Fredo. A few months ago, he was quick to ridicule the Covington Catholic schoolboys before knowing the whole story. And last year he offered a weird defense of antifa thuggery.

By Tuesday afternoon he’d apologized for his vulgar meltdown.

Cuomo deserves to be left alone when out with his family.

But it’s a pity that instead of responding with dignity in front of his loved ones, he chose to show his 9-year-old kid how to act like a jerk.

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