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Booed and Removed: Virginia Politician Who Heckled The President.

Booed and Removed: Virginia Politician Who Heckled The President.

What an ass.

Ibraheem Samirah, the youngest member of Virginia’s General Assembly, demonstrated the folly of electing 27-year-olds to office when this childish member of the House of Delegates heckled President Donald Trump Tuesday during the president’s speech at the Jamestown anniversary.

He was removed by the Capitol police.

Then, like a high school mean girl, he jumped on social media to brag about his rude behavior.

I know what some of you are muttering right now: Trump’s HitlerHe deserves to be heckled.

No, he doesn’t. Just as President Barack Obama didn’t deserve to be heckled by Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina during a speech before Congress in 2009.

And just as in Washington in 2009, the audience in Jamestown loudly booed the bratty politician who was behaving like a lunatic while the president of the United States was speaking.

Samirah, a dentist, has been in office only since February 20, when he won a low-turnout special election to fill a vacancy. In a district with a population of 85,424, he won with 3,740 votes. He spent four days on the job before the session ended.

Samirah lives in Herndon and represents parts of Fairfax and Loudon Counties.

The crazy parts, I guess.

These voters sent Samirah to Richmond despite anti-semitic Facebook posts for which the Palestinian-American candidate had to apologize. They included one post that agreed with some fanatic who said that sending support to Israel was like supporting the Ku Klux Klan.

I get that Northern Virginia is deep blue. But why would they elect this guy? Are they fresh out of sane Democrats up there?

Virginia doesn’t send aid to Israel, so the only reason to post such garbage is to signal a deep dislike of Jews.

Come to your senses, Fairfax and Loudon voters. You can offload this tantrum-prone toddler in November.

It’s worth noting that the General Assembly was holding a one-day session yesterday. So Samirah ought to be at least censured for behavior unbecoming to a member of that body, which ironically, was celebrating its illustrious 400 years of legislating. If censure doesn’t work, send him to bed without supper.

The president’s speech was on topic and gracious, by the way.

The behavior of this jerk from Northern Virginia wasn’t.

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