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Presumption of Guilt for Justin Fairfax

Presumption of Guilt for Justin Fairfax

Not sure I like living in a world where men accused of sexual assault are presumed guilty and must prove their innocence. 

But this is the world liberals created. It’s the Believe-All-Women world. The guilty-until-proven-innocent world. It’s the why-would-women-lie-about-something-like-that world. 

It’s the world Democrats eagerly embraced last summer when Brett Kavanaugh was accused of outlandish sexual assaults by women with foggy, marinated memories and obvious political motives.

I believe her! The left chorused, hoping they could keep this conservative judge off the highest court.

Now this is the world swallowing Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

And his accusers are far more credible than Kavanaugh’s ever were. Their charges more detailed and harrowing.

First Dr. Vanessa Tyson went public saying that Justin Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on him during the 2004 Democratic Convention. Even the most partisan Richmond power brokers realized they couldn’t ignore this California academic.

Not after what they did to Kavanaugh.

Once the second victim, Meredith Watson, came forward to tell of an alleged 2000 rape while she and Fairfax were students at Duke, Fairfax was finished. 

He didn’t realize it. Still doesn’t, apparently. 

After all, one week ago when Gov. Ralph Northam’s adventures in blackface became public, Fairfax seemed destined to be the next governor. He would help his party shove “Coonman” aside. Reside in the Governor’s Mansion for seven years.

Then came the women, the sickening charges, the calls for resignation.

On Monday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Fairfax’s employees were deserting him. Two of his three staffers quit and so did a pair of his PAC workers. 

Why the hurry to flee their boss? It makes you wonder.

Fairfax was also put on paid leave by his law firm. The Duke Chronicle reported that he’s been booted from the Sanford School of Public Policy Board of Visitors at Duke University.

Fairfax denies the accusations. These were romantic encounters, he insists. He’s called for an investigation.

By whom and into what, exactly?

As the mother of a son, I’m troubled by standards that say any man accused of a sex offense is presumed guilty.

Yet I know how we got here. I know there was a time when assault victims were treated like criminals and their sexual histories were excavated in court. And given the awful nature of sex crimes, many women are reluctant to press charges or seek help after they’re abused.

Still, that doesn’t make all men guilty. And it doesn’t make all women truthful.

I don’t know Justin Fairfax. Even if I did, I’d have no idea if he’s capable of sexual assault. You can’t tell a sexual predator by looking. 

Fairfax says he’s staying. But he has to go. These are the rules.

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