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Fairfax County’s Insane Sanctuary Policies

Fairfax County’s Insane Sanctuary Policies

Travel back in time with me, won’t you?

To March 19, 2019 - six months ago - when Gov. Ralph Northam vetoed a common-sense bill that had passed the General Assembly outlawing sanctuary cities in Virginia. 

What happened recently in Fairfax County can be blamed squarely on this sanctuary-supporting stooge.

On September 21 a Fairfax County police officer responded to a traffic accident near Alexandria. One of the drivers didn’t have a license so the officer contacted DMV. The cop learned that the man’s license was suspended and that ICE wanted the guy for failing to appear at a deportation hearing.

In other words, this was an illegal alien and a fugitive.

So the local officer, sworn to uphold the law, wrote a ticket for driving on a suspended license, contacted ICE and waited until an immigration agent arrived at the scene of the accident. The scofflaw was taken away and released three hours later sporting an ankle bracelet.

This should be the happy ending of a successful law enforcement story.

But it isn’t.

You see, thanks to our relentlessly pandering governor, it appears that Fairfax County brazenly operates as a sanctuary city - or rather, a sanctuary community.

In the nutty pursuit of phony “diversity,” Fairfax police officers are not allowed to aid immigration officials.

So this cop was suspended from his job. For doing his job.

Worse, Fairfax County’s police chief, Edwin C. Roessler Jr., insulted the officer and apologized for the cop’s outrageous behavior, according to The Washington Post.

 “This is an unfortunate issue where the officer was confusedWe have trained on this issue a lot. This is the first time we’ve had a lapse in judgment, and the officer is being punished.”

Yep, punished. In the alternate universe that is Northern Virginia it’s an “unfortunate” turn of events when an illegal alien is apprehended by local cops and turned over to the immigration authorities who were looking for him.

Not only is this guy in the country illegally, but he thumbed his nose at a deportation hearing. Yet it was the actions of the cop that were unfortunate. Chew on that for a minute.

When this bizarre story made headlines, the blowback from normal people and the national Fraternal Order of Police president, Patrick Yoes, was immediate and incredulous.

All police officers at every level take an oath to enforce the law — not just laws that are politically agreeable to elected officials in their jurisdictions.,” said Yoes. “If politicians don’t like the law, they should make an effort to amend the law.”

Fairfax officials are now dancing on the head of a pin. They argue that ICE had a civil detention order on the illegal alien and that police don’t routinely enforce such things.

Wouldn’t have mattered if there’d been a criminal warrant. For murder.

Deep blue Northern Virginia , like many Democratic-controlled areas, is at war with ICE.  The open-borders crowd that’s seized control of the party will stop at nothing to ensure the free flow of illegals into the country. The best way to do that is to ignore or even obstruct federal law enforcement.

It’s insane.

On Wednesday the police chief announced that the suspended officer would return to duty on Friday, having been re-educated through some sort of open-borders brainwashing. He now knows not to help ICE. Ever.

Someone please tell the governor that thanks to his pathetic pandering to radicals in his party, a good police officer was punished and humiliated.

Simply for doing his job.

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