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Three-Time Loser

Three-Time Loser

John Uhrin must like losing.

For the third time in nine weeks, the former Virginia Beach City Councilman lost to jeweler David Nygaard.

The first two defeats came at the ballot box. Nygaard was elected to City Council on Nov. 6th and his victory was confirmed by a recount in December.

Yesterday a three-judge panel ruled that Nygaard - whose term began on Jan. 1 - could take his seat on City Council.

No surprise. After all, he was elected by a plurality of the voters. 

Uhrin’s bizarre lawsuit asked the judges to bar Nygaard from assuming the duties of a city councilman until Uhrin's other lawsuit - the one challenging Nygaard’s residency - is resolved.

Fortunately, the judges turned him down.

I say fortunately, because I happen to live in the Beach District. Last night’s council meeting featured a briefing on the pricey new Dome project, which is located in our zone.

This is a huge public-private partnership. One that needs careful consideration.

If Uhrin’s nutty request had been granted, the people most affected by the project wouldn't have a representative at the table.

That’s how desperate Uhrin is to regain power: In his grubby attempts to claim an office he didn’t win, he shows how little he cares about the people. 

Then again, perhaps Uhrin figured we were accustomed to an absentee councilman after the votes he had to skip because of conflicts. 

According to a report in The Virginian-Pilot, the same judges will hold a two-day trial on the issue of Nygaard’s residency - something that was investigated and resolved by the commonwealth’s attorney last summer  - on Feb. 21 and 22:

"He's entitled to serve,” Virginia Beach Circuit Court Chief Judge Glenn Croshaw said of Nygaard. "We want finality to this so citizens of Virginia Beach can put this election to bed.”

Amen, Judge. 

Frankly, I wish someone would put John Uhrin to bed. 

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