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Leave Melania Alone

Leave Melania Alone

During 42 years in journalism I experienced many moments of exquisite pride in my profession. 

Right now, I’m feeling disgust.

The press corps’ recent obsession with the whereabouts of Melania Trump was both ridiculous and deceitful. They think we didn't know what they were hoping: That the First Lady had left her husband.

Yes, CNN, I’m looking at you and your stupid countdown calendar that showed how many days the post-surgical First Lady had been missing in action.


Did the 1960s media similarly harass Jackie Kennedy when she disappeared for extended periods of time to frolic on Onassis’ yacht or to simply ride horses at her Virginia estate?

Doubt it.

You see, the media was pulling for the Kennedys. And while many Washington reporters were aware of JFK's non-stop philandering in the White House, they not only refused to report on it, but they helped craft a fictitious love story for that First Couple.

Oh, how things have changed. It’s clear that nothing would make today's press corps happier than seeing the current First Couple miserable. 

They’re practically begging Melania to bolt.

The headlines were crazy: “Melania Trump’s Absence Continues,” CNN, May 30.

“Melania Trump’s Absence Continues, Skipping Camp David Weekend,” CNN, June 1.

“Melania Trump, Last Seen May 10, Won’t Attend G7 Or Singapore Summits,” NBC, June 4.

And then there was Rolling Stone reporter Jamil Smith who took to Twitter Sunday to offer up his totally unsubstantiated theory: That Melania was hiding out due to spousal abuse.


You could almost sense the disappointment in Washington when Melania was photographed this week sitting beside the president at a service honoring Gold Star families.

And yesterday when she was present at a FEMA briefing.

She’s still with HIM, dammit.

Anyone hoping the Trumps divorce needs to do some serious introspection. 

Yet, if Melania were to leave the president, she’d be celebrated. She’d be hailed as a hero for ditching her husband. Fashion designers might even allow the former model to wear their clothes again. Fashion bloggers, like Tom and Lorenzo, might gush over her outfits the way they did over Michelle Obama’s.

Shoot, someone might knit her a pink vagina hat.

Let me make a suggestion to journalists and the public alike: Leave the First Lady alone. She doesn’t hold an elected office. She has no official duties. And she is not obligated to give a detailed report of her health to the American people.

She has no role at any of the upcoming summits.

We do know she had kidney surgery last month and was hospitalized for nearly a week. Perhaps she’s still not feeling 100 percent. 

Personally, I wish her good health. And happiness.

And I wish journalists would lay off.

It’s Friday. Bottoms Up.

It’s Friday. Bottoms Up.

There She Goes, Miss America.

There She Goes, Miss America.