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Yep, Pit Bulls. Again.

Yep, Pit Bulls. Again.

Oh no. Not again.

Another child mauled to death by a dog. And I’m willing to bet that if DNA tests are done on the “large mixed-breed” canine that killed a four-year-old the other day in Converse, Texas we will discover that it was a pit bull mix.

Because the story of the fatality is as grisly as it is familiar.

A child wandered over to the lovable family “pet” - a dog that was kept on a chain although it had never attacked anyone - and the beast grabbed the kid by the neck and started shaking him.

(Police told reporters that the boy “got too close” to the dog. As if it was the kid’s fault. Sheesh.)

Family members got the vicious cur off the boy and administered CPR until he could be airlifted to a hospital where Noah Trevino died. 

Dead at FOUR. 

All because he toddled into the range of a snarling killing machine on a chain.

Read this story about the case closely and you’ll learn that there was another death-by-dog in the San Antonio area. It was 2014 when two pit bull mixes savaged an 83-year-old woman who was feeding her cats.

Oh, and in January, two Texans were punished - one sent to prison, the other put on probation - after their pet pit bull ripped the arm off a neighbor and mutilated her face.

Just excitable dogs.

It’s not just Texas, of course. Several weeks ago on Long Island, a pit bull mauled a two-month-old who was in a baby seat being carried by his mother. The mom sustained a “very, very serious leg wound” and at last report the baby was still fighting for his life due to bites to the head.

In Virginia, two folks were killed by pit bulls last year. One was a 90-year-old Virginia Beach woman who was disemboweled by a newly adopted pit bull.

Yes, all dogs bite. Few kill. Pit bulls are responsible for most of the deaths by dog bite in the U.S.

That's an inconvenient fact that even the most rabid pit bull lover can't contest.

Pit bulls and pit mixes are banned in many cities and counties. They’re also banned in military housing. 

Shoot, if the Marines are afraid of pit bulls, we all should be.

Ban this damned breed.

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