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Gun Laws Can’t Fix What’s Wrong In Broward County

Gun Laws Can’t Fix What’s Wrong In Broward County

I’m going to keep this post short and the scope narrow because I’m not about to let this website turn into a steaming battleground between those who want gun control and those who don’t.

I learned long ago that there are two subjects upon which most people are unpersuadable: Guns and abortion.

No matter how brilliant your argument, you will never change a mind.

So I don’t try.

No matter where you stand on the gun question, surely you're livid, infuriated and incensed over reports of gutless behavior by at least one Broward County sheriff’s deputy and perhaps others during the high school shooting on February 14th that left 17 people dead.

At a press conference last week Sheriff Scott Israel finally admitted that the school resource officer - an ARMED Broward County Deputy - was at the school when the murderer started shooting but made no effort to stop the carnage.

“He never went in,” conceded Israel, adding that a video showed his deputy doing “nothing” during the attack.

The Bloviating Sheriff of Broward  - who should be sacked immediately - is now denying reports from CNN, NBC and other outlets that there were three other deputies on the scene who also stood by and didn’t try to engage the shooter.

Frankly, I believe very little of what this showboating sheriff says as he makes the rounds of popular cable news shows.

When CNN's Jake Tapper asked Israel if the shooting might have been thwarted had his department acted, the sheriff quipped:

"If ifs and buts were candy and nuts OJ Simpson would still be in the record books."

What the hell?

Israel's do-nothing deputy - or deputies - were sworn law enforcement officers. They were his men. At least one - probably more - knew kids were being killed inside a school and made no attempt to save them.


And don’t start with the ridiculous how-could-someone-with-a-handgun-stop-a-shooter-with-an-AR-15 argument. Does anyone remember the Capitol police officers who took down that crazy Bernie Sanders supporter who was picking off Republicans at baseball practice in Alexandria last June?

That shooter was armed with a SKS 7.6x39 rifle, every bit as lethal as an AR-15. Yet the officers took care of business with their handguns and caught a couple of bullets in the process. 

They saved lives.

There were heroes at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school on Valentine’s Day. The three JROTC cadets, for instance, who helped get their classmates to safety and who were killed. Aaron Feis, the unarmed security officer and assistant football coach who died while protecting students.

Unfortunately, there were also cowards on the grounds. They were wearing uniforms.

 Broward County has a problem. A big one. And gun laws can’t fix it.

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