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Sore Losers

Sore Losers

Some of us thought that the biggest sore loser in the history of American politics was Hillary Clinton.

For two years she’s lumbered around the country - shoot, the world - holding a pity party for herself.

When her 2017 book “What Happened” was published the BBC listed all of the people and things Clinton fingered for her loss.

The blame was spread, the BBC reported, among James Comey, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, sexism and white resentment.

Apparently taking a page out of Hillary’s Handbook for Losers are John Uhrin and Richard R.K. Kowalewitch, two of four candidates ( one dropped out but was on the ballot) who ran for the Beach seat on Virginia Beach City Council in November.

Uhrin, the incumbent, came in a close second to David Nygaard and demanded a recount. 

That’s his right.

But last week he also filed a lawsuit against the winner, accusing him of not living in the district when he filed to run. Uhrin asked the courts to disqualify Nygaard and declare him the winner.

That’s desperation. 

Now third-place finisher Kowalewitch has also filed a suit against Nygaard asking the courts to overturn the results of November’s balloting and order a special election between only him and Uhrin.

Don’t laugh. He actually believes this could happen.

The matter of Nygaard’s residency - he rented a house on 20th Street to run in the election - was investigated by the commonwealth’s attorney at the behest of Kowalewitch. Colin Stolle reported to election officials that there was “insufficient evidence of a crime” and Nygaard was allowed on the ballot.

If these two losers have a problem with that decision, they should take it up with the commonwealth. Not with the candidate who was vetted by state officials and allowed to run.

“Clearly the establishment and others were suprised by my win,” Nygaard told me by phone Wednesday night. “Some people are really excited and some people, like my opponents, are really upset.”

He added that both want to “disenfranchise” the nearly 50,000 citizens who voted for him.

“And I can’t imagine a judge ordering a special election and only allowing two candidates to run,” he said of the most recent suit.

Uhrin didn’t raise the residency issue during the campaign. Why would he? There was a belief that having Nygaard in the race helped dilute the massive vote against him. Uhrin’s only hope of retaining his seat was to run against multiple opponents. 

In the end, even that couldn’t save him.

As for Kowalewitch’s suit, as soon as I heard about it, I wondered what lawyer had agreed to file it.

Then I read the court papers. He’s acting as his own attorney. And you know what they say about that.

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