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Fifteen Days

Fifteen Days

In just two weeks and one day Virginia Beach voters will have a chance to put an end to the cronyism that has infected City Hall for nearly 20 years.

Then again, if you like FBI investigations, if you think the Virginia State Police have nothing better to do than investigate our sleazy politicians and if you believe the hearty endorsement of a former mayor - the one convicted of conflict of interest and who quit midway through his term - is important, then by all means, vote for the status quo on City Council.

(And yes, it seems the FBI and Virginia State Police may be back. This time they’re reviewing the bid process for the lucrative pier project that was on the fast track for the Beach’s favorite developer until the city auditor stepped in earlier this year. Sigh.)

Frankly, we shouldn’t have to wait for law enforcement to stomp out the culture of favors and favoritism in the Resort City. Voters can do it.

In fifteen days.

We’ll be writing a lot about what’s really going on in Virginia Beach during the next two weeks. Eventually, I’ll tell you who has my vote. Hey, if the former mayor can endorse, so can I.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things to remember:

First, wall-to-wall campaign signs are not a reason to vote for any candidate.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Slick signs and glam shots mean only that the candidate is rolling in dough. 

Wanna know who’s paying for that forest of pricey posters? Follow the money. Go to the Virginia Public Access Project website - https://www.vpap.org - to search for the candidates and their sugar daddies.

Remember, only contributions collected through September 30 have been reported. The REAL money is pouring in now and won’t show up until after Nov. 6.

Oh, and you might want to scratch any candidate whose best reason for running is his or her pedigree. 

You’ve heard a couple of them at the candidate forums.

They go on and on about how they grew up here. As if that matters.

They brag that their roots go back generations. As if they’re somehow ENTITLED to a seat on council.

They boast that their relatives were cogs in a long-ago political machine. As if that’s a good thing.

News flash: This isn’t the Westminster Dog Show. 

Virginia Beach needs honest, good government types in City Hall. Not well-bred lapdogs.

Fifteen days.

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