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Joys Of Unemployment

Joys Of Unemployment

In all the years I wrote a newspaper column from home, I never snuck out for a matinee. Not once.

Oh, I was tempted. Plenty of times.

I could have justified it, too, since I worked most Saturdays. Didn’t I deserve some time off during the week?

Still, I didn’t do it.

Not because I’m a Girl Scout. Because I figured I’d get caught. 

Even if I wore dark glasses and a hat, someone might recognize me at the concession stand - one of the mayor's pals, perhaps, or a developer. They’d call my editors and ask if they were aware that I was eating popcorn and watching Tarantino films on company time.

Next, I’d be summoned back to headquarters in Norfolk where I’d have to lose my pajamas, wear makeup every day and write from a cubicle.

No thank you. Wasn’t risking THAT.

It’s different now. I’m the CEO and I think it’s fine for my lone worker to hit the cinema in the afternoon. Or the gym. Or take a nap.

I like this boss.

So with the snow melting and schools still closed, I called a teacher friend Wednesday morning and suggested we meet for a movie that afternoon.

 “Molly’s Game,” at Strawbridge.

If you haven’t been to the Strawbridge theaters on General Booth Boulevard in Virginia Beach, you may not know that the seats are huge and pillowy. Plus, they recline. Nothing in my house compares to the comfort. Totally worth the drive.

As we stood in line to buy our tickets, I felt, well, naughty. It was 12:30 on a weekday afternoon and I was about to watch a film.

Clearly, after only five weeks I haven’t yet acclimated to the joys of unemployment.

I looked around the lobby to see if anyone appeared to be playing hooky and realized that most of the people who go to movies during the day are pensioners. My pal and I looked to be the only ones in the theater who weren’t on blood thinners. 

Naturally, one hard-of-hearing audience member narrated the movie in a stage whisper to her companion. 

For once, I didn’t care. I was at a movie! During daylight hours. 

And it felt good.

I could get used to this.

Next step: Day drinking

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